2020 Swim Season Social Distancing Adjustments

            The majority of this page may not apply to the 2021 swim season. Please stay tuned for updates regarding the 2021 season.

Social Distancing Plan


  • Families will wait in their car until Woodhaven is open (No crowding around the entry door)

  • The coaches will put in all the lane lines prior to practice. 

  • Add some type of marker on the ground to show the 6 and unders where to sit to allow them to remain 6 feet apart.

  • For six and unders there should be 4 kids with one coach so a total of eight kids at a time.  Four kids should proceed to the diving well and sit on the marked spots while the other four kids should sit on the marked spots in the shallow end.

  • We will have 6 people on one side of the pool (one person in each side of lanes-two if they are siblings, when appropriate) and six people similarly on the other side of the pool.  We may from time to time put six swimmers in the middle lane if they are big enough.

  • To spread practices out we may have stations:

    • dive well

    • grass for stretches and dryland practice

    • Main pool/shallow section (6-unders) 

  • Kickboards/other equipment should not be used unless the swimmers bring it with them.  The sharing of equipment is not recommended. 

  • Siblings do not have to socially distance, when possible, we will have them swim together in our practice scheduling.

  • Everyday coaches will ask parents or older swimminers if they have fever or if anyone is sick in their house.

  • Coaches will wear masks..

  • GaGa ball is cancelled for the summer

  • In order to keep things as clean as possible on Monday and Wednesday mornings, we ask swim team families to remain on the deck near the office and not to sit in the umbrella tables or chaise lounges.  The shelter and grass areas will also be off limits during those two days. Please bring chairs from home.


Directions to parents:


Due to new guidelines that have come out we have come out with some new procedures for swim practice to make things run more smoothly and allow everyone to stay safe.  


Please read these guidelines below before sending your child(ren) to their first swim practice this season.


  • Please remain in your car if the Woodhaven Clubhouse is not open (we can not have people crowding around the entry door).

  • All adults, if possible, please wear a face mask into the facility for swim practice (This one should be determined by Woodhaven board on pool procedures).

  • Once you walk through the club house please select a place to sit.  Note tables/chairs will be properly spaced.  Please do not move them.  Also only one family is permitted to sit at a table/set of chairs. 

  • Please send your child over when we announce practice will begin.  Please do not send them over too early.  We will not be able to manage multiple kids running around by the pool.

  • Please have your child stand behind one of the lanes if they are 7 & up.   We will have 6 people on one side of the pool (one person in each side of lane-two if they are siblings) and six people on the other side of the pool.  We may from time to time put six swimmers in the middle lane if they are big enough.  They will need to pick an open lane.  There should not be more than one kid behind a lane on each side of the pool.

  • At the end of practice kids should exit the pool and go back to their seat.  We recommend that once your child’s practice is over you leave the pool.  You will not be allowed to stay until the pool opens due to cleaning requirements.

  • If your child feels sick please keep them home.