Member Responsibility

1. Members should perform self-health assessment and stay home if symptomatic.
2. Members should social distance and we recommend wearing masks in common areas (office, concession stand, restrooms).
3. Members should not gather in groups of more than 10.
4. Members should be considerate of the health and safety of others.

5. Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the facility.  Members should sanitize and/or wash hands when entering and leaving common areas.

6. By entering the club facilities, members agree to adhere to all rules and policies, including those listed below.

Facility Limits

1. In accordance with Responsible Restart OH practices, our facility capacity is limited to 225 people. 

2. Because we must limit the number of members, we cannot allow guests during peak hours:  before 3pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends.

3. Children need extra supervision in order to follow social distance guidelines - children 12 and under must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. 

4. The minimum age to supervise younger children is 16. 

5. Children under 8 should be supervised while using the restrooms and concession stand.

6. The shelter may not be reserved and parties are not allowed.

7. At this time, we are not able to plan our usual pool sponsored social events.

Checking In and Checking Out

1. In order to track the number of people in the facility, all members must check both in and out (new for this year) electronically at the front desk. 

2. Wait outside the front door or on the marked spot on the office floor if another member is checking in or out.  The desk guard will help direct traffic.

3. Plexiglas barrier will be installed at the check in desk.

4. Last year’s bar-coded pool cards will be valid for this year.  New cards will be issued if you have lost yours. 

5. The office will be cleaned/sanitized on a regular schedule, in accordance with ODH guidelines.


1. Restrooms will be closed for thorough cleaning and disinfecting on a regular schedule, accordance with ODH guidelines. 

2. Showers and changing areas will be closed until further notice.

3. Children under 8 should be supervised in the bathrooms as best as possible.

Concession Stand

1. A table will be placed in front of the window to allow sufficient distance between employees and customers.

2. Children under 8 should be supervised.

3. Entry and exit directions and 6 ft distance spots will be marked.

4. Concession employees will follow ODH guidelines for food services.

Pool Area

1. Please don’t sit on the steps of the shallow end to allow distancing when getting in and out of the pool.

2. Do not blow your nose or spit in the water.

3. Do not approach lifeguards on the stand.  Cones will be placed next to the stands to provide adequate spacing. 

4. The pool capacity is limited to approximately 100 swimmers.


Seating Area

1. Members should stay 6 ft apart from individuals not in the same household or in groups of more than 10.

2. Chairs/chaises will be spaced at 6 ft distances around the concrete deck and grass areas.  Please do not move the chairs to new locations.  Members are welcome to bring their own chairs for additional seating.

3. Tables without umbrellas have been closed off to provide adequate social distancing.  Do not use these tables.

4. Chairs, chaises and tables will be cleaned daily.

5. The GaGa pit and bleachers will be closed.

Tennis Courts

1. Capacity is 16.

2. Spectators should sit outside the fence.

3. Benches will be cleaned daily.

4. Players should follow safe social distancing practices.

Lost and Found

1. The Lost and Found bin will be closed.

2. Items (except goggles) found at the end of the day will be placed in clear bag and left in the pump house for 3 days, then thrown out. 

3. Upon request, members may go look for a lost item.

4. Goggles will be sanitized and kept in the office.


1. Guards will wear masks in common areas.

2. Concession employees will wear masks when helping members and in accordance with ODH food service policies.

3. Employees will have temperature and health assessment before each shift.

4. Employees will follow ODH social distancing and handwashing/sanitizing guidelines.