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1. Admission to the pool may be refused to anyone with colds, coughs, inflamed eyes, infections, or who is wearing a bandage.

2. No glass is allowed on the pool deck or inside the tennis courts.

3. No running, pushing, wrestling, ball playing, or undue disturbances shall be permitted in or about the pool area.

4. Air inflated tubes, jackets, masks, toys, goggles, flippers, webbed feet, diving sticks or other paraphernalia shall be allowed in the pool at the discretion of the Manager. None of these are allowed in the diving section.


5. Hard balls and super soakers are forbidden at the pool!!! Hard balls are defined as, but not limited to, baseballs, softballs and tennis balls. No ball playing of any kind is allowed in the roped off shallow end. This also includes toddler balls and toys. Soft ball play will still be allowed in the main pool. Soft balls would include, but are not limited to, koosh or sponge balls, as well as beach balls. The lifeguard on duty will settle any dispute.


6. Children 10 and under shall not use the deep end of the pool until they have passed a basic test consisting of 1 minute of treading water, swimming back and forth in the deep end. Passing of the test must be noted on the membership card.

Note: the passing of this test does not entitle a child under the age of 10 to remain at the pool without adult supervision. Parents should keep in mind that the pool is not a babysitting service.

7. Management reserves the right to judge the ability of a child to function in an acceptable manner.

8. Use of the kiddie pool shall be limited to children 6 and under who MUST be accompanied by a responsible person. No metal or rigid plastic toys are allowed in the kiddie pool.

9. The shallow end of the pool is for the use of those 10 and under.


10. No one under 18 is allowed in the pool during adult breaks, including babies in arms.


11. All commonly recognized and posted rules of sanitation, conduct and safety shall be observed.


12. Babies in diapers should wear swim diapers.

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