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Woodhaven Swim and Tennis Club (in Beavercreek OH) has reached full membership for the 2024 summer season. We are accepting reservations for the waiting list for the 2025 season.  If you would like to be placed on the (Beavercreek OH) Woodhaven Swim Club Waiting List please click here


Once we have admitted each season's new members, all those on the waiting list will be notified, by email, of their new number (usually in mid-May).  The top 25 people on the list for the next season will also be notified each September.  


The Woodhaven Board of Trustees issues memberships on a first come, first serve basis and does not discriminate for any reason.


2024 Membership Fees

Initial membership requires two fees to be paid within the first two years, in addition to the annual dues. The Initiation and Stock Fees may be paid in two installments. The Initiation Fee and the Annual Dues are due when the application form is submitted. The Stock Fee may be paid with the application or deferred until the member's second season.

Initiation Fee: $350.00 + $23.63 Tax =  Total $373.63

Stock Fee: $250.00 + $16.88 Tax =  Total $266.88

2024 Annual Dues: 

Single Adult/Couple with no children $360.00 + $24.30 Tax =  Total $384.30

Family with 1 child $380.00 + $25.65 Tax =  Total $405.65

Family with 2 or more children $400.00 + $27.00 Tax =  Total $427.00

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