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Woodhaven's 2024 Swim Meet Schedule

  • June 6 (Thurs) home meet vs Five Seasons *

  • June 11 (Tues) at Black Oak

  • June 13 (Thurs) at Pleasant Hill

  •  June 20 (Thurs) home meet vs NCR & Sycamore Creek*

  • June 25 (Tues) at Sycamore Creek

  • June 27 (Thurs) at Oak Creek (& Waynesville)

  • July 2nd (Tuesday) ~ "6 & Under" Championships at Dunsinane

  • July 8th (Monday)~ “11 & Over” Championships at Black Oak

  • July 9th (Tuesday) ~ “10 & Under” Championships at Centerville Woodhaven

* Home meet rain date ​is June 24

Working Swim Meets / Official's Clinic

Please note that swim team parents are required to work at least 3 meets and/or Finals. Please sign up as soon as possible or contact any member of the Swim Team Committee if you have questions.


The team also needs more parents interested in being officials at our swim meets. Officials will receive worker credit for both their initial shadowing and the work they do at each meet. There are other perks to being an official as well, see a committee member for details.

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