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1. A Lifeguard is the final authority on matters of discipline at the pool. Grave danger can be

associated with a swimming pool; therefore, the decision of the Life Guard is not subject to appeal.

The Manager must be notified as to why the benching has occurred.


2. The Life Guard's instructions must be instantly followed or disciplinary action in the form of

immediate suspension of pool privileges for the day will result. The Lifeguard must notify the Manager

of the problem and the Manager will enforce the suspension.


3. The Life Guard shall report to the Pool Manager serious offenses or refusal to follow instructions. The

Pool Manager shall in turn report such incidents to the Board of Trustees, for appropriate action under Article VII, Section 2, of the Code of Regulations.


4. Discipline procedures are as follows:

  • MINOR INFRACTIONS - Managers or the guards may send a child to the penalty bench.

  • MAJOR INFRACTIONS - Managers may suspend privileges for 1 day.

  • REPEATED MAJOR INFRACTIONS - Managers may suspend privileges up to 7 full days.


5. Suspension procedures are as follows:

  • The child suspended will be sent to the penalty bench until the guard and manager are free.

  • The manager and guard will enter the suspension and reason for it in the log and all parties will sign the logbook.

  • The manager will attempt to contact the child's parents and inform them of the suspension.

  •  The manager will ask the child to remain on the penalty bench until the parents are  contacted. No child should leave the club without parental permission.

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